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Data Protection

This Data Protection Declaration is meant to inform Users of this Website about the nature, extend and purpose of gathering and using of personalised data by the Website Owner Immospotter 123 GmbH.

The Website Owner takes your Data Protection very serious and treats your personalised data confidential and with utmost care according to the legal regulations. New technologies and the continious extension of this Website can bring frequent changes to this Data Protection Declaration, and it is therefore advised that you will read it again in regular intervals.

You will find the definition of used terms (e.g.: “personalised data” oder “processing”) in art. 4 GDPR.
Access Data

We, the owners of the Website, collect data for the legitimate interest (art. 6 par. 1 lit. f. GDPR) of gathering information about access to the website and save this data in “Server-Logfiles” on the server of our Website.

Following data will be logged in that way:

– Accessed Website

– Time of Access

– Amout of send Data in Byte

– Source where you accessed the Site from

– Used Browser

– Used Operating System

– Used IP-Address

The Server-Logfiles will be saved for a maximum of 24 Wochen und subsequently deleted. The storing of data takes place for safety reasons e.g. to clear up cases of abuse. If data has to be stored for a longer period on evidentiary basis, it will not be removed until the incident has been settled.
Reach Measurement & Cookies

This Website uses Cookies for pseudonymized reach measurements that are either transfered from our Server or the Server of third parties to your browser. Cookies are small files that are stored at the end users machine. Your Browser accesses these files. Through the application of cookies the ease of use and security of this Website is raised.

Comming Browsers allow settings to not allow Cookies. Attention: It is not ensured, that all functionality on this Website is accessible without restrictions if you dont allow these cookies.
Google Analytics

This Website uses the service “Google Analytics” offered by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) caused by legitimate interest to optimize and analyze our Web Presence in accordance to art. 6 par. 1 lit. f. GDPR. The service (Google Analytics) uses „Cookies“, that are saved on your machine. The data gathered by cookie will be sent to and saved at Google-Server in the USA.

Google LLC stays in accordance to the european data privacy law and is certified under the Privacy-Shield-Agreement:

IP-Anonymization takes place on this Website. The IP-address of the User will shortened. Only in isolated cases the IP-address will be sent unshortened to the USA and shortened there. This shortening ensures the anonymization of the IP-address in connection to the User. The IP-address transferred by the browser will not be combined with other data saved by Google.

In the course of the agreement for order-related data processing, which we have made an agreement with Google Inc., we will be served with information and reports regarding the Website use and activity.

The data gathered by Google is used to evaluate the usage of our Website by individual users e.g.: to create reports about the Website activity and enhance our Website Presence.

You have the option to prevent the saving of Cookies on your machine by configuring the appropriate settings in your Browser. It is not ensured that all functionality of this Website can still be accessed without restrictions if the Browser does not allow Cookies.

Furthermore you can prevent Cookies from gathering and using information for Google by installing a Browser-Plugin. Following link leads you to the mentioned plugin:

Following you will find information regarding the usage of data by Google Inc.:
(data that is gathered by Google-Partners)
(Settings regarding Ads that are display for you)
(Usage of Cookies in Ads)

Alternatively you can prevent Google Analytics to track you on this Website by Clicking the following Switch to “Opt-Out”. With a Click on this Switch you will download a „Opt-Out-Cookie“. Your Browser has to allow the saving of Cookies to be able to do that. If you delete your Cookies on a regular basis, you will maybe need to Click on this Switch again after that.
Gathering & Processing of personalized data

The Website Operator gathers, uses and hands our your personalized data only if the legal regulations allow it and/or you accept it.

Personalized data is all information that serves to identify you as person and can be traced back to you, e.g.: your name, email address or phone number.

This Website is also accessible without giving out any hint to your person. For the enhancement of our online presence we will save anonymized access data to this Website. This data includes e.g. a file you want to access or the name of your internet provider. Through anonymization the data are not backtraceable to your person.

We process personalized data like name, email address or content when a user uses our contact form.

We process personalized data only with explicit permission of the User using a specific functionality that uses personalized data and always in compliance of applicable data protection regulations.

The processing of personalized data is carried out based upon our legitimate interest to fullfil our contract requirements and optimization of our online services.
User rights

You as a User have the right to get free information about the kind of your personalized data that is saved. You also have the right to correct wrong data and to limit processing or deletion of your personalized data. If applicable, you can also make use of your right of data portability. Should you suspect and can prove that your data is processed not in accordance to legal regulations you have the right to make an appeal with the regulatory authority.
Deletion of data

Provided that your wish doesnt collide with legal obligations to store data (e.g.: Data Retention), you are entitled to have your data deleted. Data that fullfilled its purpose and does not fall into any legal obligations to store it is deleted automatically. If specific data can not be delelted caused by legal regulations, the data processing for that data is restricted. In that case the data is locked and not used for other purposes.
Right to object

Users of this Website can make use of their right to object and object to the processing of their personalized data at any time.

If you want your personalized data corrected, locked, deleted or need some information about this data, have questions regarding the gathering or want to revoke your given permission, you can contact me via Email.

This includes following information:
(it is not claimed that this list is complete)

The sharing of data with third parties

Integration of services and third party content
(e.g. Google-Fonts or YouTube-Videos)

Delivery of contractual services

Establishment of contact through the contact form

Use of Session-Cookies

Application of data processing Anti-Spam-Plugins

Use of the Google Remarketing-Tags